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Ramzi Theory

6-9 months
With an impressive 97% accuracy in-person, the Ramzi Theory predicts your baby's gender by analyzing the placement and orientation of the chorionic villi (future placenta)
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NUB Theory

9-20 months
Highly accurate, this method comes into play around the 12th week when your baby’s nub (genital tubercle) forms. The 'angle of the dangle' helps predict your baby’s sex.
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Skull Theory

12 or more months
Carefully analyzing ten distinct physical skull attributes, this accurate theory precisely identifies subtle gender-specific differences, offering reliable clues about your baby's gender
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Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Discover your baby’s gender with our quick and easy-to-use service. Perfect for excited parents-to-be, our accurate and non-invasive method provides the answers you’re looking for.

At Baby Gender Detect, we understand the thrill and anticipation that comes with pregnancy. Our specialized service offers a unique blend of scientific analysis and intuitive theories to reveal your baby’s gender. With a commitment to accuracy and a touch of fun, we make the wait for your little one even more exciting.

Baby Gender Prediction

General Questions About Baby Gender Prediction

  1. What is baby gender prediction? Baby gender prediction refers to various methods used to predict the sex of an unborn baby. These methods range from traditional folkloric approaches to scientifically-backed theories like the Ramzi, Nub, and Skull theories.
  2. How accurate are baby gender predictions? The accuracy of baby gender predictions varies by method. For instance, the Ramzi Theory is about 97.5% accurate, the Nub Theory is up to 98-100% accurate in controlled groups, and the Skull Theory, while less scientific, offers up to 92% accuracy.
  3. Can I trust these predictions completely? While these predictions are highly accurate in many cases, they are not infallible. It’s always good to remember that they should be considered as fun and informative predictions rather than absolute certainties.

Specifics About The Ramzi Theory

  1. What is the Ramzi Theory? The Ramzi Theory is a gender prediction method that uses the location of the placenta in early pregnancy ultrasound scans to predict the baby’s gender.
  2. How early can the Ramzi Theory predict gender? The Ramzi Theory can be applied as early as 6 to 10 weeks into the pregnancy.
  3. Is the Ramzi Theory scientifically proven? The Ramzi Theory has shown high accuracy in controlled groups, but it’s important to note that it is not universally recognized in scientific communities.

Understanding The Nub Theory

  1. What does the Nub Theory entail? The Nub Theory predicts a baby’s gender based on the angle of the genital tubercle, or ‘nub’, in relation to the baby’s spine, as seen in an ultrasound.
  2. When is the best time to use the Nub Theory? The Nub Theory is most accurate from the 11th week of pregnancy onwards.
  3. Is the Nub Theory reliable? Yes, the Nub Theory is considered scientifically reliable and has shown high accuracy in controlled studies.

Questions About The Skull Theory

  1. What is the Skull Theory? The Skull Theory is a less scientific, fun method that involves predicting the baby’s gender based on skull shape differences in ultrasound images.
  2. How accurate is the Skull Theory? The Skull Theory is claimed to be up to 92% accurate, though it lacks the scientific backing of the Ramzi and Nub theories.
  3. At what stage of pregnancy is the Skull Theory applicable? The Skull Theory can be applied from the 11th week of pregnancy.

After Prediction Queries

  1. What should I do after receiving a gender prediction? Enjoy the excitement and start planning! However, for any serious preparations, it’s advisable to wait for confirmation from a medical professional.
  2. Can I share my prediction results with family and friends? Absolutely! Sharing your prediction can be a fun way to involve your loved ones in your pregnancy journey.
  3. Is there a follow-up service if the prediction is incorrect? While we strive for accuracy, if the prediction is not correct, we encourage you to contact our customer service for further assistance and potential follow-ups.

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Explore Our Accurate Gender Prediction Theories – Combining Science and Tradition. Our range of theories, including the Ramzi, Nub, and Skull theories, are carefully crafted to provide the most reliable predictions. Each theory is backed by scientific research and years of expertise, ensuring you receive the best possible insight into your baby’s gender.

Why Choose Us for Your Baby Gender Prediction? Our service is not just about revealing whether it’s a boy or a girl; it’s about enhancing your pregnancy experience. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, non-invasive, and highly accurate method to satisfy your curiosity and help in your early parenting journey.

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Discover the excitement and joy our gender prediction services bring to expectant parents. Our customer testimonials highlight the accuracy and fun of our Ramzi, Nub, and Skull theories, sharing moments of happiness in their pregnancy journey. See why we're the favored choice for parents eager to learn about their baby's gender.

New mom uses Ramzi Method for fast & accurate gender reveal, recommends to parents-to-be! 👶✨

Natalie Harper

Natalie Harper

Mom of a girl & boy

I used Nub Theory 🤰 and just weeks later, my doctor confirmed it, it’s a boy! 👶💙 Thanks!

Emily Chen

Emily Chen

Mom of 2 girls

Disclaimer: Please note that our website is designed exclusively for entertainment purposes. Although we have confidence in our approach, we do not assert a specific accuracy rate since ongoing research continues to shape our methods.