Terms and Conditions

  1. Ownership of the Portal

The company, with its corporate identity number and registered office at a specific location, is registered in a commercial registry. It owns a website (referred to as the “Website”), which includes both public and private navigation areas. The website offers information about predicting the sex of future babies and facilitates payment for certain services. A “User” is defined as someone who interacts with the Website either by contracting a service or simply navigating. Users who purchase services are also identified as “Customers”. Acceptance of the English terms and conditions is mandatory for becoming a User, regulating the contractual relations between the company and third parties using its services.

  1. Subject matter

The company, with its corporate identity and registered office, is registered in a commercial registry. It owns the Website, which provides information on predicting the sex of future babies and facilitates payment for specific services. The term “Website” encompasses both its public and private navigation areas. “Users” are individuals who interact with the Website, either as service contractors or merely browsers. Users who purchase services are termed “Customers”. Acceptance of these terms and conditions in English is required for Users, defining the contractual relationship between the company and third parties using its services.

  1. Services provided by the Company

The company offers leisure and entertainment services for pregnant women, including predictions about the sex of future babies based on various philosophical theories. These services require Customers to submit prenatal or gestational ultrasounds, and the company provides a non-medical opinion on the baby’s sex. The theories used are non-scientific and are not a reliable method to determine the baby’s sex. The services are intended for recreation and do not constitute medical advice. The company is not a healthcare provider and does not offer medical diagnosis or alternative medicine services.

  1. Procedures for the purchase of Services

Users over eighteen or with authorization can purchase services from the Website. Before purchasing, they must read the Terms and Conditions. Services and products, along with their prices and characteristics, are displayed on the Website. Prices include applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice. Promotional discounts may be available. To purchase, Customers must fill out an electronic form with required information and adhere to the Privacy Policy. Payment is made via credit/debit card or other methods, and secure payment tools are used. Following purchase, the company sends an email confirmation and, for digital services, a response within 48 hours. Physical products are shipped within a specific timeframe.

  1. Refunds

Refunds are not available for services fully executed with the user’s consent. However, refunds are available for physical products like the Pregnancy Gift Box if they arrive damaged or incomplete, provided they are returned in their original packaging.

  1. Obligations of the Company

The company commits to providing necessary information about its services on the Website, sending email confirmations of service purchases, and delivering the agreed services. It also pledges to employ reasonable attention and professionalism in its service provision.

  1. Responsibilities

Customers are responsible for any actions contrary to these Terms and Conditions, legality, or public order. The company is not liable for damages caused by misuse of the Website or for content provided by third parties. The company endeavors to protect data on its servers but is not liable for unauthorized access or misuse of this data.

  1. Exclusion of warranties and liability

The company reserves the right to remove harmful content and may interrupt Website access for various reasons, including technical and security issues. It is not responsible for damages arising from Website unavailability or technical issues. The company is not liable for content provided by third parties or damages arising from unauthorized data use. Advertisers and collaborators are responsible for their own data protection compliance.

  1. Intellectual and industrial property

All content on the Website, including videos, designs, texts, and logos, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights. Accessing the Website does not grant any rights over these properties. The reproduction, public communication, or distribution of Website content is prohibited without authorization from the company or rightful owners.

  1. Links

10.1. Links to other Websites (outgoing links): The company is not responsible for third-party websites linked from its Website. 10.2. Links on other websites to the Website (inbound links): Any links to the Website must comply with specified stipulations and not imply an endorsement by the company.

  1. Duration and modification

The validity of these Terms and Conditions extends until they are modified. Changes to these terms do not require prior notification. Service purchases are governed by the Terms and Conditions published at the time of purchase.

  1. Privacy Policy

User personal data is processed according to the Privacy Policy.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by specific national law of Spain.

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